Booking your fairy tale

w i t h Kelsey Michelle Photography

If you've made it this far, I'm hoping we make a great fit! But it doesn't stop here. After sending over your information, i'd love to take ya out for some coffee or beer! Meeting in person is always better for the both of us. I want to make sure you're comfortable and I want to get to know you! I want to hear all the stories that makes up your love with your forever best friend. Quickly after, we will become besties! Don't be afraid to ask to see my work, how my online galleries look and photo albums! I absolutely love what I do and I put my whole heart into all the moments we won't get back, I thrive to deliver galleries that puts you back into every little moment we may forget or didn't even know we needed to see. If you invest in me, I will 110% invest my all in you.


Frequntly Asked Questions



How do I book a session?

As soon as we have discussed a date and time, I will send over a contract and invoice with 25% non refundable deposit. Once that is paid & signed, you will have your date booked in my calendar!


How long does it take to receive my photos?

I try to provide the quickest time possible to get your photos back, because I know the waiting sucks! This depends on busy season or not, weddings could take up to 60 days or as little as a few weeks! All other sessions, about 1-2 weeks.


Do you travel?

ABSOLUTELY! Anywhere within or outside the U.S. Fees will apply.


What do you shoot with?

I am a Fujifilm gal!


Do you use photoshop?

I do not. I know the basics & beyond in Lightroom. I like keeping my work raw and realistic. I use basic retouching like blemishes, hair fix, etc. I will not alter any way you look because I believe the best photos come from who you really are.


Can I have the RAW or unedited images?

This will always be a no. If you hired me this means my style is right for you! Always go back to make sure if I match your needs!


How should I prepare for my session?

We will schedule any type of meeting in person to go over expectations if this makes you comfortable! I like going out for a coffee or even a beer! During my sessions, I am guiding you with prompts. I will never leave you standing there not knowing what to do next.


Do you charge travel fees?

I charge up to .50 cents a mile. (Unless flight is in place, which you will already know details about that prior to booking.)


How will I receive my images?

Each image is processed digitally used with Pic-Time, a downloadable high resolution online gallery.


What if I lose my flash drive/delete my album?

In the case that your flash drive becomes damaged or lost, it can be replaced for a $50 charge. However, I highly recommend that you make backups of your images so you preserve them.


Can I see some of my images right away?

Yes! After proofing each session, I post sneak peaks on all social media accounts with tags. You will more than likely see some photos one day after the session.