Mason + Alexis Family | Utah

September 13, 2021
Kelsey Michelle Photography

The first week of September I got to fly out and hang with my friends again. I got to meet their newest addition to their little family and it was so sweet. I’ve gotten to photograph this families every milestone so far and I’m so thankful they chose me! Each year I’ve done their Christmas cards. We always came up with crazy ideas. (I will always remember them as the couple who brought their cat to a photo session.) If you get to the end, you will see the lovely theme to this year’s Christmas cards and I so love the cringe. I had a bonus to my little vacation and got to see Jonas Brothers in concert. It was so wild being out in public again surrounded by 22k people and reliving my middle school self. They made $13 beers worth every second of my time there. It was also Labor Day weekend and we were supposed to visit the Salt Flats. We choose Tibble Fork Reservoir and it did not disappoint. On the way up the canyon the altitude sickness kicked in. It seemed to go away after arriving, so during my session I wasn’t suffering (lol) On the way back down the canyon, it definitely took over and was out for the night. I think I have found enough remedies to help with the next trip, because I will never stop visiting this beautiful state.